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Lee and Kirby's run on FF is "long-winded and only intermittently not boring"??

You're out of your fucking mind. All this wedding stuff has had you distracted.

Okay, the collection may be lame, yeah, alright. I read it again.

Dude, you should read them as separate issues, here and there when you find them in the beater bin. Those collection are just for all the "biters" out there who can easily xerox the b + w pages and lightbox some pose. (like Tom Scioli does, shhhh, don't tell him I said that)

I love you Frank. Because you read the entire collection between 7:27am and 7:32 am. I'm sure you're lovable for plenty of other reasons, too. Wanna come to the wedding?
Its in Brooklyn.
You live in Brooklyn.

Shitting on Kirby/Lee FF? Don't think that united blogdom won't fuck you up, just because it's your wedding week. FWIW, it gets really good in Essential Vol. 3, with Kirby inventing a dozen new characters every other issue.

Congrats on the impending nuptials, by the way.

Out of the FF, I've read most of the stuff in volume 1, and all of volume 3. How weird is that. But I must say, the beginning started off rough, but after six or seven issues, it got pretty awesome pretty quick. There's some weird shit going on in those early books, and I can never get enough Kirby art. And yeah, what Jones said about V3. Galactus, the Inhumans, "This Man, This Monster", Doctor Doom stealing Silver Surfer's board, all sorts of kickassery (asskickery?). Although, I do recall an interminable storyline featuring the Frightful Four and Reed Richards being glued to a board for way too long. Eh, but it's still awesome stuff. Don't knock it. Unless the parts of V2 which I haven't read were somehow a big dip in quality. But I doubt it.

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