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Why do you bother reading this shit?

Ehh. Why not?

"as if they're seeing each other after a drunken experiment with homosexuality"

You've been reading my slashfic!

So Kamandi is basically a post-apocalyptic Calvin Klein ad?

That Boys cover took on added resonance after reading the story inside. Ah, Ennis, always striving to offend. That was pretty funny stuff.

I don't know what dubstep is, but that was a funny review of Punisher Fucking War Fucking Journal Motherfucker. Damn, I'm not as good at this sort of thing as you are.

And congratulations on the marital shenanigans. I know Nina has mentioned impending nuptials; do they involve you as well? Or is this too personal? If so, tell me to fuck right off, please.

Garret: More like Marc Jacobs, but yeah, that pretty much nails it in a "aww, we just made fun of kirby way." Bad people. Bad!

Matt: No, you got it just right, as now i'm imagining your final "motherfucker" in a high pitched falsetto. (As opposed to a gravelly tom waits falsetto? wha--the fuck?)

I have no idea who Nina is marrying. I've never met her, actually. I think she lives in my neighborhood though.

I didn't get that Kamandi special, but I think I'm right in saying it reprints the Superman story from issue twenty-something? Before last week, that was my absolute favourite Superman story (or Superman legend or myth, not sure what the right word is there), and anyone who's not read it should take this opportunity to get a nice, reasonably priced reprint.

(Cheers for the recent kind words and linkage.)

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