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"I mean, [flipping pages] I don't read comics as much as you guys do, so I'm not sitting here going "Borrringgg! That last one was so much better!""

Nicely turned-around.She nailed you TFO.

Oh she nailed me alright. Wait a sec...oh, shit,i think this nasty thing wants to nail me AGAIN. baby i cant walk i just. oh god. i gotta go.

I believe they have let slip a few times over the years that Gotham City is supposed to be in New Jersey.

I've heard the Jersey stuff before, but the primary source is roleplaying games, which I am pretty sure don't exist.

Still the concept of the Wayne family being the Royalty of...Dirty Jerz is sort of fascinating.

Not only is Mike Huckabee real, he's also endorsed by Chuck Norris.

After hearing about the Spoiler memorial case thing, what are your female feelings?

That was the worst question ever.
Okay, not ever. But it was a crappy question.
After hearing about the New York Jets trading Jonathan Vilma to the New Orleans Saints, what are your male feelings?
Geez man.

Crappy question yes, but that's on me. Just trying to shoehorn in some of the contemporary stuff, you know, the set-the-blog-world-on-fire debate. We're working on our interview skills, they're not as fully developed as our sleeping and coffee drinking. We'll get their soon enough.

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